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Category: Blog

Are Spirits and Ghosts the same thing?

Hello friends and happy Halloween month. Awhile back I asked for any of my friends and family to reach out to me with any spiritual related stories they wouldn’t mind sharing with me, good or bad. One of my good friends growing up reached out about some strange things that were happening at his soon

Creepy Cover

Hello there. Now that Glimpse has been published and it is starting to get noticed, I’ve had a number of people ask about my “creepy cover”. So I thought I would address that. A number of years ago my parents asked me to digitize some of their old slides from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.

Why Glimpse?

Welcome to my first blog! I thought I would touch on the subject of how this book came to be. The plot was driven from a number of spiritual experiences I’ve had in my life, coupled with gospel centered discussions I’ve had with many students as an instructor of religious teaching for my church. When