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Review of Glimpse

by Prince Oyedeji Oyeleke Jayeola »

Glimpse by Carson Boss is a novel that delves into the spiritual and supernatural realms, revealing their frequent intersections with our natural and mundane world. The life-altering experience of a gifted young adult ignites a quest to comprehend the spirit realm and seek answers to persistent questions. Unbeknownst to him, this journey propels him toward a pivotal role: safeguarding the equilibrium between the spirit realm and our reality.

Mark, a college student, had an intriguing experience that left him puzzled and ignited a profound curiosity within him. This desire was rooted in his wonder about why his deceased grandfather visited him on the evening of his high school graduation. Alongside a group of friends, Mark enrolled in a psychology class with the hope of definitively addressing their lingering inquiries: Does life continue after death? Is communication with the deceased possible?

During an assignment, Mark and his companions venture to the historic Congressional Cemetery one night, a visit that leads them to Marianne, Abigail, and the realms. Join him to on this thrilling adventure by reading Glimpse, where you’ll uncover astonishing possibilities about our world that challenge bias and prejudice.

The progression and development of the narrative are noteworthy. Unlike some comparable works that tend to have massive holes and exaggerations in the plot, as the desire to entertain would sometimes trump sensibility, thereby making a mess of the whole narrative. Carson Boss adeptly maintains a straightforward storyline—an accomplishment worth commending. The characters authentically inhabit their roles and undergo well-crafted evolutions.

Despite containing religious elements, the book remains impartial and respectful, a rarity in spiritual and religious literature. Carson Boss delivers an impressive piece with Glimpse, catering to those who share Mark Banks’ questions. I rate the book 5 out of 5, finding no reason to deduct any points. In my estimation, the work stands as an excellent fusion of suspense, subtle horror, entertainment, enlightenment, and religion—embracing diverse cultures, interests, and belief systems impartially. Furthermore, although the book includes biblical narratives, readers of other religions can also relish this book, as many belief systems acknowledge the existence of spiritual realms and life after death.

I recommend Glimpse to enthusiasts of mystery and religious fiction, transcending age, culture, interests, and religious orientations. Young adults intrigued by realms and after-death experiences would undoubtedly find the book enjoyable. This narrative encompasses these facets without bias or discrimination and was professionally edited.


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