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Book Overview

The war for souls has been raging since the dawn of humanity. And now it’s coming to a head for a young man who must stop an agent of darkness from opening a door to our dimension.

Mark Banks, a nineteen-year-old freshman at the University of Maryland, has enrolled in a class on spiritual and psychic phenomena. He has had seemingly paranormal experiences that he cannot explain, and he’s doing his best to understand what’s going on. But he soon learns that he has the gift to contact those beyond the grave. This discovery leads him to an even more disturbing revelation. Now, to protect humanity and those he loves—including the young woman who has captured his heart—he will need to learn how to use his ability to slam the door shut on the forces of evil before it’s too late.

Carson Boss

Carson Boss has been a Christian youth instructor in his church for more than twenty years. In that time he has had many wonderful conversations with students from ages seven to seventeen, with common themes of biblical stories of good and evil and what happens after we die. He and his wife, Tara, have seven children and numerous grandchildren. He currently resides in Utah but has previously lived in Texas and Alberta, Canada.