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A mothers love from the other side

Since my book was published a few months ago I’ve had so many great conversations with some readers about what happens to our spirits after we die. There seems to be a common thread in all of these conversations that we are allowed instances to contact, visit, or monitor those we love. I’ve heard many stories of loved ones being seen at their own funerals, possibly to listen to what’s said by their loved ones as sort of a summation of the good they did in this life.

All of these conversations got me thinking of a story I both read in our local Salt Lake City newspaper and watched on the local news back in March of 2015. It was about a woman’s voice that was able to get the attention of officers that a young child was trapped in the back seat of a car that had gone off the road and flipped over into the Spanish Fork river. When they turned the vehicle onto its side they noticed the mother had been submerged upside down up to her waist and had been deceased for quite sometime before they arrived. However, all four of the officers claimed to hear someone calling for help from inside the car as soon as they arrived. I personally believe it was the mother who was permitted to get the attention of these officers to save her child before moving on.

No matter what your beliefs are regarding the afterlife, it’s stories like these that show this life is not just a dirt nap at the end. There’s a purpose for it and a purpose for our next phase.

I’ve got other stories that I’ve read that relate to this theme that I’ll write about in future blogs. If you have a story to share and would feel comfortable with me adding it to my blog I would love to share it. You can e-mail me directly at

Here’s the link to the article if you want to paste it in your browser and read more:

Keep reading my friends!

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