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Who’s your Abigail?

I’ve had a number of people talk to me about guardian angels since my book came out. Abigail is my main character, Mark Banks, spiritual guide or tutor if you will. He has no real connection with her but knows his deceased grandparents helped arrange their meetings from the other side.

This made me think back to my grandmother Aileen Calderwood Boss. When my mom was forced back to work when I was an infant due to some financial issue my parents had early on, my two grandmothers and some good friends were in charge of watching me a number of days a week. My earliest memories of the days I spent with my grandma Boss were cracking peanuts out of her great big green Tupperware bowl while watching Captain Kangaroo.

So why do I think she’s one of my guardian angels?

The story goes when I was about 14 months old I somehow got ahold of a butter knife and was about to stick it in a light socket. Assuming I was taking a nap on the floor while making lunch she suddenly got the prompting to check on me and swooped in to stop my impending electrocution just in time. From that point on it seemed like she was always there watching over me until she succumbed to a brain tumor when I was seven. Soon after her death I experienced a visitation from her very similar to the one Mark had with his grandfather in my book.

As my life has moved along I’ve always felt like she has been near watching out for me. I know from many conversations I’ve had with people from all walks of life that they feel there are others watching out for them.

So I ask you, who is your Abigail?

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