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Are Spirits and Ghosts the same thing?

Hello friends and happy Halloween month.

Awhile back I asked for any of my friends and family to reach out to me with any spiritual related stories they wouldn’t mind sharing with me, good or bad. One of my good friends growing up reached out about some strange things that were happening at his soon to be former residence that I will share here:

My Mom gave me the book, I\’m pages in and as I\’m typing this my house popped. My house has energy…not haunted like the movies but a palpable oppressive force. It was very scary in the beginning but we found a a medium to help us understand and minimize the effects. It\’s documented very well by our security cameras and what\’s happened to our family. My brother was here during a requested blessing and the TV turned to the midnight static. Just last night I was up @3am and a spark from the door lock came to me and paused the healing frequency music on YouTube (happens a lot) The first couple months here my wife had a broken ankle, appendicitis, my son a staff infection in his hip, no explanation and I\’ve had chronic kidney stones. We have orbs, sparks, energy, evps and video of it all. Nothing surprises me anymore.

So what could be contributing to all of these strange happenings?

Like Koltar in my book I feel that once evil spirits are invited into a place or our lives they can set up shop and create a lot of mischief. My friend did the right thing by calling his brother to come bless the house. I’ve had others reach out about feeling negative energy when visiting certain places or homes. Just as some spirits can provide comfort and feelings of peace, those that followed Lucifer can do just the apposite.

It’s ok to enjoy Halloween and all of the fun parties. Just be aware of the negative spirits out there that are just waiting for an invitation to make themselves known. Avoid any actions, rituals, games, or items that might conjure up the evil. The reality of good versus evil is a constant battle and this life will be so much easier to manage if we stay on the right side of this battle.


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